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 Demon's Guide to Clan and Bankai

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Demon's Guide to Clan and Bankai Empty
PostSubject: Demon's Guide to Clan and Bankai   Demon's Guide to Clan and Bankai EmptyMon Jul 30, 2012 3:08 pm

Demon's Guide to Clan and Bankai

Overview of the Clan

[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

Clan Notice- Where clan leaders can place important messages, this can be viewed by both members and applicants
Clan's Name- Displays the name of the clan
Clan Leader- Shows the person who is currently leading the clan, can be changed
Clan Ranking- This is actually the clan's current level
Clan Member- Shows how many members are currently in the clan and the max number of members
Clan Number- This is the clan rank out of all the clans
Clan- 11100/50000 shows the amount of current construction points and the amount required to level up

CLASS- Ninjutsu class
[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

Primary Course- 30k Stones, awards 850 bankai experience and 100 construction points. (This is the primary source of bankai experience for free users)
Advanced Course- 250g gives 3500 bankai experience and 200 construction points.
Ultimate Course- 450g gives 10,000 bankai experience and 1000 construction points, expensive but worth it.

GARDEN and PROTECT- Plant a tree
[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

Garden- Unfortunately this is currently bugged, and we will have more info soon
Protect- A Demon boss will appear next to the X on the page. (clock must be set to UTC-5) and appears at 20:00 daily. Can win gold and forge items


No information at this time

Overview of BANKAI
[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

Now I bet you were wondering what all that bankai experience was doing for you, well if you click on the BANKAI button it will bring up the picture above in a menu.

Crystal Slot- Where your claimed crystals will go.
Locked Slot- Locked until you pay gold to unlock them
Devour All- will take all the gems in your crystal slot and combine them.
Go get crystal- brings you to soul society (see get gems below)
Crystal Warehouse- Store gems here to manually devour the ones you want

Zangetsu- A generic zanpakuto that increases str,agil, and stamina every level it increases
Senbonzakura- A special zanpakuto that increases crit, dodge and armor break. (requires lvl 4 zangetsu)
Ice Ring- An unknown zanpakuto that currently has no bonus skills. (requires lvl 7 zangetsu or lvl 7 senbonszakura)

Gem circle- with each level of your bankai, the example show is zangetsu, you will unlock one of the gem slots around the circle, this allows you to put gems of various types into the unlocked slots to boost your stats. Only one gem of each type can be put in, but you can move your gems in and out freely.

Soul Crystal- This shows you the accumulated value of all the stats you gain from your soul gems.

Numb (bar) this is where your bankai experience shows, the button UPGRADE will light up when you have earned enough bankai experience to level up your bankai. NOTE: All bankai types share the same experience so be careful to choose the right one to level. Bankai experience becomes harder to level as you get higher, the picture shown I have 5600/65000 bankai experience required to level to get to level 8 zangetsu.

Getting Gems and Soul crystals

[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

By clicking the Go get crystals button on the previous menu you will be brought to a place that looks like the above picture.

Each of the AKATSUKI members on the bottom of the picture cost different amounts of coins to use to get gems. But basically this is how it works.

Click Konan - she will give you worthless gems and basic gems. Randomly she will light up Kazuzu.
Click Kaz- you will get basic gems and worthless gems, occasionally blue gems and randomly light up Sasori
Click Sasori - you will get basic gems and blue gems, and randomly light up Itachi
Click Itachi - you will get blue gems and maybe purple gems and randomly light up Pain
Click Pain- you will get blue gems, purple gems and rumors state possibly orange gems (unconfirmed)

NOTE: Spamming gems is expensive on your coins. Get coins through the new slot system free every 30mins. (See a different guide for how to get coins)

Sell All Button- Sells all the worthless gems automatically, if you want to sell actual gems then you need to click the sell button under the picture of the gem itself.
Claim All- transfers all non worthless gems to your bankai page until you fill your crystal slots. You can click the Pick link under the gem itself to manually move them to your bankai page.

Devouring gems and levelling gems basic rules

Orange- Always devours purple, blue, green gems.
Purple- always devours blue and green gems, will be devoured by orange gems
Blue- always devours green gems, will be devoured by purple and orange gems
Green- can only devour other green gems.

Lvl 10 Gems- Always devour level 9 and under gems of same or lesser color value
Lvl 9 Gems- Always devour lvl 8 and under gems of same or lesser color value
Lvl 8 Gems- Always devour lvl 7 and under gems of same or lesser color value
Lvl 1 Gems- Can only devour other lvl 1 gems of same or lesser color value.

So for example: If you have a lvl 1 purple gem and 5 lvl 3 blue gems, 2 level 1 green gems and you click the devour all button. All of the lvl 3 blue gems and the 2 level 1 green gems will be devoured by the lvl 1 purple gem increasing its level to 2 or 3.

If you have 5 lvl 3 blue gems and 2 level 1 green gems and click the devour all button, then the blue gem with the most xp on it already will consume the rest, so be careful not to consume gems you want to keep in this fashoin, thus use the warehouse to manually increase its level then put it back and devour all.

Gem Values
Green- 25 xp
Blue- 50xp
Purple- 150xp

Each gem requires a certain amount of experinence to level, which can be seen by scrolling over the gem. You feed the xp to the gem and level it up, higher quality gems require more xp to level, and higher levels of gems also require additional amounts of xp to level. That said, levelling up several lower quality gems can be a good way to stockpile xp before feeding those low quality high level gems to your high quality gems for easier levelling.

I hope this guide helps those of you who have asked what you should be doing and get you on the right track as far as bankai goes. This guide will evolve as we learn more about the system and if you noticed something that I have forgotten please feel free to add additional information via comments so that we can improve the guide.

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Demon's Guide to Clan and Bankai
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